Benefits to recruitment agencies

  • Registering a workforce with Choices Contracting allows each individual operative to benefit from maximum financial return for work undertaken.
  • The service is suitable for all pay structures - there is no minimum or maximum wage level.
  • As all operatives are self employed there is no National Insurance or Holiday Pay liability.
  • Each account is allocated a dedicated manager and team who offer ongoing support and information on any administration or legislation changes.
  • Online navigation makes registering your workforce simple and cost effective.

Choices Contracting offers self-employed operatives the opportunity to maximise their financial return, making it the obvious choice to ensure ongoing financial security.

Payment through Choices Contracting allows individual operatives to receive hassle-free gross payments regularly and securely. For the cost of a small administration fee, the operative is able to maintain self-employment status whilst receiving the benefits of regular client invoicing and payments.

Providing an efficient and cost-effective service, the Choices Contracting team are all highly trained to ensure that challenging financial transactions remain simple and stress free - finances needn’t be a problem if you make the right choices.

Benefits to the individual

  • An individual’s self-employed status is not compromised.
  • Individuals receive gross payments directly into a personal bank account at regular intervals, allowing for simple finance control.
  • Trained to handle every individual situation, the Choices Contracting team are always on hand to answer any questions.
  • There is no minimum or maximum payment level - Choices Contracting is as flexible as the individual’s earning capacity.
  • Online registration makes joining simple and quick.